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Author:Jaakko Pellosniemi

Fingertip built in Lightning component Framework.

Join the Salesforce Lightning Experience

Dreamforce is just around the corner and without giving away too much it looks like this will be the biggest for us so far.  At Dreamforce you will be able to experience our decision making application, which is built from over 80 Lightning Components. My first attempt to build applications from components dates all the way back to 1992. I worked at IBM in Charlotte, NC and we were trying to build applications with Smalltalk and...


The biggest release in our history

When I started Fingertip I asked myself, what if we could solve all the pain and frustration that go along with poor organizational decision making. What if we could create a place to commit to decisions and create accountability. What if I would actually be able to influence a decision that will affect my work. What if we could solve all the pain and frustration that goes along with poor organizational decision making. What if...


Empowering for holacracy

There’s a ghost going around management theories. It’s holacracy knocking on your door and telling you, you need it to make your organization ready for the 21st Century. For some holacracy is the future of organizations for others the sure downfall. Let’s start by looking at what holacracy actually means. Holacracy means that organizations do not use hierarchical organization charts but instead give their employees the power to take leadership through responsibility and accountability. Pretty...